The Electric Kettle is an ingenious device that can boil water in minutes, especially when you cannot use a stove. This cookware is especially useful in places where people like to have a cup of coffee or tea while continuing his work, which makes it a favourite among office goers. It works by passing electricity through the element that is inside, and the resistance to flow of electricity generates heat that took place then in the water. As the water begins to boil a bimetallic strip breaks the circuit, besides avoiding boiling and evaporation of water.

  • VIC 602 Insta Cook

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    - 360 Cordless operations.
    - Auto Cut- off & Dry - Boil Protection.
    - Max. Capacity 1.5 Litre.
    - Cord Storage Facility.
    - Keep Warm Function.
    - Concealed heating element.
    - Removable glass lid.
    - Stainless steel body.
    - Neon Indicator handle.
    - Power Supply; 230 V AC 50HZ 1350W.

  • VK 604SC

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    - European Fashionable Appearance Design, and is more suitable for the Modern family, hotel and so on.
    - Max. Capacity 1.0 Litre.
    - Streamlined appearance design, stainless steel.
    - NaiDeng Clear Indicator Power Switch.
    - An Fever Plate Design.
    - Rotate 360 degrees in different directions, the power connector, Avoid match ups base.
    - Removable mesh-type filters.
    - Stainless steel surface prevent scale which easy to clean.
    - Steam Induction Control Switch, Automatic Power off after water boiling.
    - Double safety Protection.

  • VK 603SC Electric Kettle

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    - Cordless, for ease of use.
    - Max. Capacity 1.8 Litre.
    - External water level indicator.
    - With Scale filter
    - Indicator light.
    - Safety locking lid.
    - Automatic/ manual switch off.
    - Overheat protection.
    - Sturdy design.
    - Heat resistant, easy care plastic housing
    - Power Supply; 220-240V 50/60HZ 1850-2200W.